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Well, shucks, I reckon I can tell you all 'bout that country chocolate malt cream honey. It's like a sweet and creamy dream come true! It's made by mixin' honey with chocolate and creamin' it up real good, so it's smooth and spreadable. But that ain't all, no sirree!  It's like a whole bunch of goodness all mixed together in one jar. You can put it on your biscuits, your pancakes, or even just eat it straight outta the jar with a spoon. It's like a little taste of heaven right here on earth. So if you're lookin' for a sweet treat that'll make your taste buds sing, then you best get yourself some of this country chocolate multi cream honey!


Basic Description

Country Chocolate Malt Creamed Honey - 15oz Glass Jar



Raw Honey



Where could you use this goodness?

  • Melt into oatmeal (or another warm cereal)
  • Dollop on top of a granola bowl
  • Smear on warm pancakes or waffles

  • Use as a dip for fresh apple slices

Country Chocolate Malt Cream Honey

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Cho Malt Cream Honey
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