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Welcome To Our Hive...

Hicktown Honey Co.

Howdy friends! This is the best gosh darn honey around, where quality meets grandma's approval! Puttin tree roots right down here in Yankeeville - Brainerd, Minnesota that is. Ya'll know, the BIG 218, really frickin' far up Yankeeville country USA! We may be rough around the edges, politically incorrect and love our bees, we're real people. We produce a fine honey alongside our bees and family. Ya'll get those tasters ready! We have a big darn selections of honey coming Ya'lls way! I reckon I'll see Ya'll in the store really soon!

Slinging Honey 2022

Honey House - Amanda Buck's

Extraction Room

Our Honey...

Ya'll want to know what is special about honey?

Honey is the only natural edible product that consists of all the substances necessary to sustain life, including vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and water. It's also the only natural edible product that contains pinocembrin that improves brain functioning. Honey stored in airtight containers never spoils.

Know Your Beekeeper


Amanda Buck - President

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